2021 International Conference on Big Data Economy and Digital Management (BDEDM 2021)


There are three ways of participation in the conference and their registration fees to the conference are different:

▪ Author (publication and presentation),
▪ Presenter Only (presentation only with no publication),
▪ Listener (no publication and presentation).

Please be noted that the payment of registration fee of author and presenter only are based on the fact that their papers or abstracts are accepted by the conference after review.

For listeners who are interested in attending the conference with no publication and presentation, please directly register via the online link

The registration fee details are listed below. Please choose the category/categories you fit in.


Early Birds
(Before July. 25, 2021)

Regular Registration
(After August. 25, 2021)

Online Presentation
Online Participation

Authors (Regular)

500 USD / 3300 CNY

550 USD / 3600 CNY

450 USD / 3000 CNY

Authors (Students)

400 USD / 2700 CNY

450 USD / 3000 CNY

350 USD / 2400 CNY

Additional Paper(s)

300 USD / 2100 CNY / Paper

350 USD / 2400 CNY / Paper

250 USD / 1800 CNY / Paper

Additional Page(s)

60 USD / 400 CNY / Page

Presenter Only

300 USD / 2100 CNY

350 USD / 2400 CNY

250 USD / 1800 CNY

Presenter Only (Onsite Registration)

400 USD / 2700 CNY


250 USD / 1800 CNY

300 USD / 2100 CNY

30 USD / 200 CNY

Listeners (Onsite Registration)

350 USD / 2400 CNY

City Tour (Optional)

80 USD  / 550 CNY


1. To qualify for Student Registration rate, you must be a full-time student in an accredited university. Please submit a copy of valid ID (student card or official letter) to the Conference Secretary along with other registration materials.

2. One regular paper registration can cover a paper within 10 pages, and extra page will be charged at 60 USD per page.

3. Registration fee covers: 1) Attending all technical sessions; 2) Conference materials; 3) Morning and afternoon teas, Lunch and dinner; 4) Conference bag; 5) USB disk, including a collection of conference papers. 

4. Registration fee for each accompanying person is the same as listener.

5. One day tour is optional. If you plan to join, please register at your earliest convenience.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of paid registration is possible under the terms listed below:

* 15 days ahead of the conference: 30 USD cancellation fee.

* 5-15 days ahead of the conference: cancellation fee of 20% of the registration fee.

* Within 5 days ahead of the conference: no refund.

* Non-refund on delay or force majeure events including, without limitation, natural disasters, fires, earthquake or storm, strikes, failures of public utilities or common carriers, acts of war, or intervention, acts restraints or regulations of any governmental authority, including compliance with any order of any governmental considerations.

Note: Cancellation and refund request must be made formally by email to conference secretary at contace@bdedm.com.

Organizer Statement

1. The organizer reserves the right to change the conference date and venue due to force majeure events. Authors are obliged to observe and cooperate with the organizer's decision.

2. Participants should take good care of their belongings during the conference. The conference organizer is not responsible for loss or damage of property.